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Here is a helpful Tooth Eruption Guide.

Note: Not all children fall within these age ranges!

Thumb/finger sucking and pacifier habits

  • It is recommended to take the pacifier away by age 2. A thumb may be harder to address until the child is around age 4.
  • Pacifier use and thumb/finger sucking that persists beyond ages 2-3 can cause problems with the proper growth of the mouth and tooth alignment.
  • Develop an age appropriate reward system to praise and reward them when they are not sucking their thumb, fingers, or pacifier.
  • Try cutting off the tip of the pacifier to slowly ween them off.
  • If these approaches don’t work, remind your child of their habit by wrapping the thumb with athletic or medical tape or by putting a sock on the hand at night.
  • Try the Thumbusters
  • Or, the FingerGuard might help
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